Lead-Safe Renovator Classes

Renovator Initial Classes

This one day course is designed for persons who conduct or oversee non-abatement Lead-Based Paint (LBP) activities. This course is required by HUD for persons conducting non-abatement LBP activity as part of a federally funded project. This course also satisfies the training requirement to obtain EPA Renovator Certification that will be required under the new EPA Renovator, Remodeler and Painter (RRP) Rule in and after April 2010.
This course is designed to educate attendees how to conduct renovating and remodeling activities in a lead-safe manner. Topics covered include background information on lead, health effects of exposure to lead, regulations, worksite preparation, conducting interim control and non-abatement activities, work site clean-up and disposal. This class satisfies the training requirement to become EPA certified as a Lead Safe Renovator. After April of 2010, each crew conducting remodeling, renovating and/or painting activities in homes built before 1978 will have to have at least one member that has completed this training and is certified as a Lead Safe Renovator. Call for more details.

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