Save time & money - Just look for Remotely Attended (RA)

Student requirements for Remote Attendance:

  • A high speed internet connection
  • An updated Windows or Apple computer with a webcam and microphone
  • Each student must have a separate computer - NO SHARING 
  • The latest version of the Chrome browser is recommended (Internet Explorer is NOT supported)
  • A room where you can be isolated from any other activity, traffic, distractions, or other students.
  • To understand how to switch between programs and tabs inside Windows or MacOS


While we do our best to help our students be successful in our classes, we are not a computer skills instruction company. Computer knowledge, skills, and equipment are required to participate in our Remote Attendance Classes.


As you can imagine it is not fair to the other students to keep them waiting while one student struggles with the skills required to operate their computer. If a student is holding back a class for a considerable amount of time that student may be asked to leave the class and reschedule for another time. Lake States Environmental is not responsible when this happens.

Have questions? Give us a call at 715-434-4467!