A Premier Provider of Asbestos and Lead Certification Training

 Asbestos Classes 

Lake States specializes in Asbestos Certification Training in several areas geographically and informationally. Our most significant specialty is Minnesota specific training courses which we conduct in Minnesota on a continual and frequent basis. We also offer Wisconsin accredited Asbestos courses in Wisconsin. And our unique benefit is that our classes on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border are accredited by both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

 Lead-Safe Renovator Training 

For Builders, Painters, Landlords and others doing remodeling and renovation activities.


 Lead Classes 

Lake States also provides Lead Certification Training. Currently we provide Lead Inspector, Lead Risk Assessor, Lead Worker, Lead Supervisor, and Lead-Safe Renovator courses in Minnesota. In Wisconsin, we provide Lead-Safe Renovator, Lead Abatement Work, and Lead Abatement Supervision courses as well as their associated refreshers. Our Lead training courses in Minnesota can be used for Wisconsin certification.

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