Save time & money - Just look for Remotely Attended (RA)

To provide the best possible experience, please review the requirements below.


    • System requirements:
      • Class may NOT be attended on a phone or tablet.
      • Desktop or Laptop Computer with either of the following operating systems:
        • Windows 10 or higher
        • macOS 10.14 or higher
      • High-speed internet connection
      • A working webcam and microphone.
      • Up-to-date version of Zoom and web browser (Google Chrome is recommended, Internet Explorer is NOT supported).
    • Attendee requirements:
      • Like in-person refreshers, you must participate and interact for the entire class.
      • We recommend taking a remote class from the comfort of your own home if possible.
      • Capable of navigating between Zoom and different tabs in your web browser.
      • A quiet area where you can be isolated from any other activity, traffic, distractions, or other students.
      • Only one student per computer - NO SHARING
      • To avoid microphone feedback, only one computer per room is allowed.


While we do our best to help our students be successful in our classes, we are not a computer skills instruction company.

Computer knowledge, skills, and equipment are required to participate and succeed in our Remote Attendance Classes.


Disclaimer:  If an attendee is holding up class for a considerable amount of time, that person may be asked to reschedule to another class. (It is not fair to the other attendees to keep them waiting while one individual struggles with the skills required to operate their computer.)

Lake States Environmental, Ltd. reserves the right to request an attendee to reschedule.

Have questions? Give us a call at 715-434-4467!